Facial plastic surgery

When you get older, your face skin is the first part of your body which will be affected by the signs of aging. Even if you are careful about your facial skin health, you still cannot escape from wrinkles and fine lines which which will fill your ...

Hair transplant

Baldness might not be a matter for some people, but for others, it is a big deal, as they can't take losing significant locks every day for granted. So they tend to resort to an effective solution which can ensure regrowing their hair

Dental Aesthetics

Having a charming and healthy smile requires regular dental care. Even though you follow a daily oral health care routine, you may experience dental cavities, gum disease, or any teeth problem which pushes you to visit a dentist. Moreover..

Plastic surgeries

Reshaping your body and getting charming immediate results is no longer an impossible job. With plastic surgeries which are provided by Mira clinic, your dream can easily come true! Plastic surgery targets any part of your body including..


About our Group

About our Group

Due to the great medical progress that Turkey has made in recent years and the hard work to reach high efficiency and experience at all levels, we provide distinguished medical services and medical tourism to patients from all countries of the world with several specialties, including all dental operations, plastic surgery and hair transplantation.
It was necessary to create a place dedicated to receiving our patients in the finest and most prestigious hospitals in Istanbul and to facilitate their treatment.
From here, the idea of establishing our group to serve patients was launched in cooperation with the best doctors with experience and perfect work, as they were chosen very carefully based on our experience that extended for more than 10 years in this field.

Cleaning teeth

What are our main cosmetic dental treatments?

  • Teeth whitening
  • Cleaning teeth
  • Dental fillings
  • Dental crowns
  • Who is a suitable candidate for cosmetic dentistry?
  • What are the instructions to be observed before cosmetic dentistry?
  • What are the instructions to be observed after cosmetic dentistry?
  • Read more

Dear visitors:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Global Health and Beauty Group, which is concerned with providing all medical tourism services and medical services in many areas related to these two fields, whether all plastic surgeries, dental operations or hair transplantation, in addition to assisting you in obtaining surgeries and operations Vision correction is needed by some patients..... This is due to the reputation of Turkey and its high progress in the field of health, the development of medical technologies and the high experience of its doctors.
Turkey annually attracts more than half a million tourists for the purpose of medical tourism.
As the fees for medical services in Turkey are considered appropriate compared to competing countries, compared to the level of doctors, hospitals, and medical infrastructure in the country.
Turkey today receives patients from all over the world in all medical fields, especially in the field of eye surgery, cancer diseases, orthopedics, cosmetology, hair transplantation and organ transplantation. We ask God for your safety

Providing lifetime guarantee certificates for results

Professional translators for various languages
You will be accompanied by professional interpreters who will help you communicate with the doctors within the clinic.
Luxury 5-star Hotel Accommodation
During your medical tour, you will stay in 5-star hotels prepared especially for you.
VIP Transfers
Our drivers will be waiting for you to pick you up at the airport, take you to the hotel, and stick with you until you finish your medical tour in Istanbul.

Missions of our group Global Health and Beauty:

Providing free medical consultations in the field of (all plastic surgeries - dental surgeries, dental implants and the Hollywood smile - gastric sleeve surgeries - hair transplantation - other surgeries)
  • Coordinating and booking appointments with doctors directly without an intermediary and at reasonable costs
  • Sending you medical reports and guarantee certificates according to the medical work presented to you
  • Respond to medical reports within 48 hours to determine the review
  • The possibility of sending a specialized medical team to take care of you
  • Translation service
  • The possibility of securing transportation to receive the patient and his companions
  • Securing medical bags at competitive prices
  • Securing hotel reservations
10Years Experience
4310Plastic Surgery
4187Hair Transplant