Have you ever thought about getting bright teeth and a charming Hollywood smile in Turkey? With the development in cosmetic dentistry, everything has become possible; a Hollywood smile has been a common procedure that proves its ability to change your teeth' appearance and give you an attractive smile that captures the heart.

What's a Hollywood smile?

A Hollywood smile is a cosmetic dental procedure that targets the frontal teeth to improve their main functions and restore a charming smile. Hollywood smile is done under local anesthesia through bounding dental veneers made of different materials, such as porcelain, Zirconium, and Lumineers to the frontal teeth.

It restores the natural appearance of teeth that are in alignment with the facial features.

A Hollywood smile is a powerful solution to hide decay, cracked, or broken teeth, giving healthy and beautiful teeth.

Who is the right candidate for a Hollywood Smile?

The right candidate for Hollywood smile should be:

  1. Over 21 years old, making sure that his body growth is complete.
  2. It is an appropriate procedure for people who suffer from severe tooth decay.
  3. It is a powerful solution for people who have lost teeth or suffer from cracked or broken teeth.
  4. People who would like to have a charming smile.
  5. With the Hollywood smile, people who suffer from spaces between teeth, can hide those spaces and give a natural appearance.

Hollywood smile advantages and disadvantages

Just like other cosmetic procedures, a Hollywood smile makeover has Pros and Cons. So when you want to decide on a Hollywood smile procedure, you should weigh its benefits and disadvantages. Have a look at the most common advantages and disadvantages of a Hollywood smile makeover:

Hollywood smile benefits

When you perform a Hollywood smile, you will receive several advantages, which are:

  1. Once the bright veneers are installed, you will get immediate charming results.
  2. It ensures long-term results. With oral health, it can last several years.
  3. It gives you an attractive smile.
  4. You can get rid of decay and pigmentation and hide your cracked or broken teeth.
  5. The veneers or crowns are discoloration-resistant, which ensures white teeth for several years.
  6. A Hollywood smile is done simply without any pain.
  7. A Hollywood smile enhances your beauty and promotes your self-confidence.

Hollywood smile disadvantages

Hollywood smile makeover is a simple dental procedure. However, it might involve some downsides:

  • A Hollywood smile procedure is based on trimming the enamel of the teeth, so it is irreversible.
  • Hollywood smile makeover is typically done with dental veneers that cannot be repaired if they are broken or cracked.
  • After a Hollywood smile procedure, teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold food and beverages.
  • Your new veneers or crowns might not match the exact color of your original teeth.
  • People who have a tooth grinding problem are not ideal candidates for a Hollywood smile makeover.

Hollywood smile makeover preparation

In your first dental appointment, your dentist will evaluate the health of your teeth. By doing an x-rays examination that creates clear and precise images of your gum and teeth, the doctor can discover whether you need first treatment sessions to handle some dental issues, like tooth decay, root canals, or gum problems, or you are ready immediately for a Hollywood smile makeover.

How Hollywood smile is done?

Hollywood smile is a non-surgical procedure that goes through the following steps:

  1. Preparation: during the first visit, the dentist will examine your teeth to know their current medical condition. In some cases, the patient might need teeth treatment before performing the procedure.
  2. Next stage, the cosmetic dentist will remove a thin layer of the external part of the teeth under local anesthesia. So, the veneers can fit the teeth correctly. Then, temporary veneers are bound to the teeth.
  3. A mold will be taken and sent to the laboratory where custom veneers are made to fit the patient’s frontal teeth.
  4. Once the veneers are ready, the teeth are cleaned and polished. Then, the veneers are fixed onto the teeth with dental cement using a special light.

Hollywood smile recovery

People who get a Hollywood smile makeover don’t need that much time to get fully recovered. The process is minimal-invasive, and once the veneers are installed, you can eat and chew normally. But you should keep in mind that your veneers are breakable, so be careful while eating hard food and avoid direct bites with your frontal teeth.

In the first days after your veneers are placed, you might feel uncomfortable while eating food due to the extra cement on your veneers. This roughness is more likely to go away during the chewing process and brushing your teeth over time. However, the rough spots might remain for a longer time. In this case, you better visit your dentist to smooth your veneers out.

Post-op instructions Hollywood smile

A Hollywood smile makeover aftercare must be considered if you want to maintain a healthy and bright smile.

To maintain the best results, you should follow a set of tips as follow:

  1. Avoid hot food or drinks for a week after the procedure, heat weakens the effectiveness of the dental cement.
  2. Don’t consume sticky or crunchy food, which might discolor or damage the teeth.
  3. Avoid or reduce food or drinks which cause teeth discoloration.
  4. Stop or reduce smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks. They might lead to tooth pigmentation.
  5. Practice good oral health, including brushing and cleaning with mouthwash regularly.

Hollywood smile side effects

Here are some common side effects might happen after a Hollywood smile:

Teeth sensitivity

  • When the enamel of teeth is shaved, the teeth become more sensitive than before, especially while consuming very hot or cold food or drinks.

Gum inflammation

  • Generally, veneers themselves do lead to gum inflammation. But the dental process might irritate the gums, causing gum inflammation.

Tooth pulp damage

  • During the procedure, the pulp of your tooth might get injured. The tooth pulp includes blood vessels and nerves, and any damage to those elements could lead to a dental abscess.


  • If the veneers are not placed on the teeth properly, bacteria might enter through the gum margins and penetrate the tooth. That is why it is important to choose a skilled dentist who can perform your dental procedure safely and successfully.

Is a Hollywood smile the same as veneers?

A veneer is a very thin layer that is used to cover the surface of the damaged frontal tooth. While a Hollywood smile makeover is a cosmetic dental process that is commonly performed by placing dental veneers on all visible teeth to give a charming full smile appearance.

Hollywood smile vs veneers

A Hollywood smile is commonly created with dental veneers that are a good option for people who have light dental issues. While designing a Hollywood smile with dental crowns is an ideal solution for severely damaged teeth.

The types of dental veneers used in a Hollywood smile makeover

Generally, when it comes to the type of dental veneer that can be used for a Hollywood smile makeover, there are several options at hand. People who prefer a dental veneer brand over one may have their reasons. Patient satisfaction might have to do with many factors involving aesthetic outcome, durability, teeth preparation, and cost.

● Hollywood smile vs porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are used widely for people who want to get a durable and long-lasting Hollywood smile. In terms of the veneer bonding to the tooth, porcelain veneers have high adhesion to the enamel compared to other types of veneers.

Many studies mention that teeth treated with porcelain veneers have restored their natural strength and are shown more natural-looking. Most importantly, researchers report a high survival rate for porcelain veneers that are placed on the teeth after a good preparation. However, porcelain veneers are considered more expensive than other types of veneers.

● Hollywood smile vs zirconium veneers

Zirconium veneers are highly durable, placed particularly on the anterior teeth, giving an ideal appearance of a Hollywood smile. They are unlikely to crack or chip, a stained-resistant and ideal solution for darker teeth.

Due to zirconia’s high resistance, they can be safely used on posterior teeth. Zirconia is available in a range of shades, so, the veneers can be applied to all teeth colors, looking very natural to everybody.

One of the main advantages of zirconium veneers is that they are made of biocompatible material that does not cause allergy. It can be an effective alternative for people with high sensitivity or who suffer from metal allergies.

Zirconia veneers can be also made in an ultra-thin size that requires minimal or no enamel preparation.

● Hollywood smile vs Composite resin veneers

Composite resin veneers have developed remarkably in terms of the aesthetic and physical properties to be used in a Hollywood smile makeover in recent years.

The main feature of composite resin veneers is that don’t require heavy tooth preparation; they can be placed directly on the teeth with minimal enamel terming, resulting in less time with good results.

For people who look for an affordable Hollywood smile makeover, composite resin veneers can be a good option. Unlike porcelain veneers, resin-based veneers don’t last for a long period; the longevity period may not exceed 7 years.

● Hollywood smile vs Lumineers

Lumineers are a fast and cost-effective method to get a charming Hollywood smile. The main advantage of Lumineers is that they require minimal dental preparation. Lumineers are thin and translucent layers than veneers that can treat light discoloration and simple tooth shape problems. However, Lumineers are not recommended for those who have severely discolored or misshapen teeth.

The types of dental crowns for a Hollywood smile

A Hollywood smile makeover can be done with different types of dental crowns. Each type has specific properties in terms of aesthetic appearance, durability, longevity, and cost.

● Metal crowns

Metal dental crowns are made of mixed metals that include a high percentage of valuable metals, such as gold or platinum. The metal crowns are strong enough to stand firm against the pressure of biting and chewing. They are usually used to cover out-of-sight teeth.

● Porcelain-fused-to metal crowns

Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns are metal crowns with a layer of porcelain fused to the metal. They look like normal teeth and can be matched to the color of neighboring teeth. Placing this type of crown causes more wearing to the opposing teeth. They can be a good option for covering back or front teeth.

● All-resin crowns

Resin crowns are made of composite materials that are almost the same materials used for dental fillings. They are natural-looking dental crowns, but they are more prone to wear down, chip, or break off over time. Resin crowns also are less expensive than other types of crowns.

● Porcelain crowns

Porcelain crowns are the most common dental crowns used in the field of cosmetic dentistry for both front and back teeth. They are designed to provide durability and strength to the teeth and match better the natural color of the original teeth than any other crowns.

● Zirconium crowns

Zirconium crowns are made of a new material used recently in dental treatments, called zirconium oxide. They are stronger than porcelain and metals, causing less damage or wear-off to the opposing teeth than porcelain crowns. These types of crowns can prevent fractures, restore effectively a damaged or chipped tooth, and improve your smile.

Where to get a Hollywood smile?

The best place to get a Hollywood smile is where you can receive a high-quality medical service at reasonable prices. Doing a Hollywood smile in Turkey is highly recommended for people who want to do a Hollywood smile procedure successfully and enjoy an exclusive package that includes luxury hotel accommodation, free transportation, and translation service inside the hospital.

When you visit Turkey for a Hollywood smile makeover, make sure you choose the right clinic which is equipped with advanced medical techniques and skillful cosmetic dentists.

Is a Hollywood smile worth it?

If you suffer from dental problems, involving discolored, cracked, chipped teeth, or want to correct the spacing between your teeth to get a pleasant smile appearance, a Hollywood smile makeover is a perfect procedure for you. A Hollywood smile makeover might not be a cheap procedure, but the expecting results you will receive make it worth a try.

Is Hollywood smile safe?

Typically, a Hollywood smile makeover is a safe method to treat and correct your teeth. Whether your dental situation requires veneers or crowns, the treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that is done under the effect of local anesthesia. The most invasive part of the process is to terming some of the enamel, allowing perfect veneers or crowns bonding to the teeth.

Does a Hollywood smile cause bad breath?

No, bad breath has nothing to do with a Hollywood smile makeover. Just like your original teeth, poor oral hygiene around veneers or crowns can lead to bad breath. All you need to do is follow the proper oral care, including brushing and flossing your teeth regularly.

Does a Hollywood smile hurt?

Since Hollywood smile makeover is performed under local anesthesia, you will feel no pain during the process. However, you might feel some soreness around the gum and the jaw, especially for those who need to place several veneers or crowns. But this discomfort can still be controlled with the proper medications.

Is a Hollywood smile permanent?

Hollywood smile makeover is a durable and long-lasting procedure that can last for the rest of your life with proper oral hygiene. Typically, a Hollywood smile lasts 10-20 years based on the type of your installed veneers or crowns. It is also essential to know that a Hollywood smile procedure is not a reversal, which means your teeth will never go back to their natural situation before the process. If your veneers or crowns wear out or break, you don’t have to worry, you can replace them in case your teeth are still safe.

How long does a Hollywood Smile last?

Hollywood smile makeover is designed with durable and strong veneers or crowns that can last for a long time. Typically, the longevity of veneers can almost last the same as the crowns, depending on the material that’s used. While dental veneers can last more than 10 years, crowns can last up to 15 years with the proper oral care.

How much does a Hollywood smile cost in Turkey?

What is a Hollywood smile price in Turkey? Cosmetic dentistry centers offer high-quality Hollywood smile turkey at competitive prices, compared with the rest of the world. However, the cost of a Hollywood smile differs from center to center according to the following factors:

  • The types of veneers or crowns: the prices vary according to the types and materials of veneers or crowns used for a Hollywood smile makeover.
  • The brand of veneers or crowns: the veneer or crown brand also plays a crucial role in pricing policy.
  • The number of target teeth.
  • The medical condition of teeth: additional cost may be added to the Hollywood smile cost, as some patients may need to treat their teeth before taking a step toward a Hollywood smile.

A Hollywood smile makeover can be done with dental veneers or dental crowns, but how much do dental crowns cost in Turkey? How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

Here is a table of a Hollywood smile cost in Turkey in detail:

Types of veneers 

Average veneer price per tooth in Turkey 

Types of crowns 

Average crown price per tooth in Turkey

Porcelain veneers 


Porcelain crowns 


Composite veneers 


Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns


Zirconia veneers 


Zirconium crowns 


E-max veneers 


E-max crowns 




Gold crowns



The best dental hospital in Turkey

“How to choose the best dental hospital in Turkey?” is a common question that always comes to mind when thinking about a Hollywood smile in Turkey. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a dental hospital in Turkey: 

High-quality dental service

Getting a long-lasting Hollywood smile depends on the quality of service, which includes the quality of dental materials, the medical equipment, and the experience and skills of dentists.  
Affordable Hollywood smile cost
Generally, Turkey surpasses several advanced countries around the world when it comes to the cost of cosmetic dentistry. For example, a Hollywood smile price in Turkey may be cut in half or even more compared with countries, such as the USA, Europe, and Gulf countries. Don’t let some guiders trick you with exaggerated prices. 

Exclusive package 

If you want to do a Hollywood smile in Turkey, you should consider that reputable hospitals or clinics usually offer a full package for a Hollywood smile makeover. This exclusive package includes luxury hotel accommodation, transportation, and translation.